Rajiv Goel, M.D.



Although the mind may be where we determine how we shape our lives, we need our hands to put these plans into action. The hand is a complex and delicate part of the human anatomy. Innovative treatments are constantly being developed while existing strategies continue to evolve. I have been fellowship trained in advanced hand surgery and work hard to master the newest proven techniques in order to give you the best treatment options that are currently available.

Every patient faces unique challenges and demands. I seek to understand the specific impact your condition has on your life and use this as the guiding principle in determining your most effective treatment. The first step in this process is listening. The second is patient education so that you understand your problem as well as your options. Both nonoperative and operative strategies may be available. Together, we can determine what will work best for you.

I strive to maintain open communication with frequent opportunities to ask questions and review progress. I believe that active participation in one’s own recovery serves to minimize uncertainty and maximize cooperation which ultimately leads to an optimal outcome.